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dition fair. She soon made up her mind to the operation, being
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Now, a word with reference to the position of the heart in some
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tion received by it which in the judgment of its editor will
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From the standpoint of the physiological chemist this
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experimental work of this kind. Laederich 3 finds that not only in animals
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parotid duct, with retention of the saliva, which fluid, undergoing
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the interests of the public in general far more than for
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three injections of salvarsan, each followed by intraspinal salvarsan-
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these limits the amount of chlorine averaged about 23 parts pe
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operation whon done by othorH than liinisolf, Maoowoii had said
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confidence in their principles, yet their system has been proved to
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a certain amount of endodermic epithelium. The tumors supposed
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cost of handling. It is stable and always in the same form, so that
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tissue. Ulceration may occur, and usually does, or even
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Society, together with the By-Laws, and Rules and Orders of the Society and Coun-
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expressed by members of the Medical and Veterinar)- Profes-
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cured her. She then began to make her own living ;tn«l
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functions to be torpidly and scantily performed. The
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comprised in this large field of uncertainty of diagnosis
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the property in London and Charing Cross belonging to the Priory : " Las per-
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treated from March 15, 1894, to March 15, 1895, ex-
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the jaw is more common than unilateral. The exact mechanism of disloca-
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was dissected out on a slide partly teased up and covered
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press the thorax, and thus to check the influx to it of blood from the
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on the use of tuberculin and of the products obtained
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cases suffice. Some method of fixation oflters the only
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Sherren, to call the portion above the bile susception which, if unrelieved by art or
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he knew them when he saw them. On the other hand, in making
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dissipate any lingering shade of doubt in candid minds. Of all

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