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of the epigastric region (Krb); (10) forcible elevation

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"Did she die of peritonitis?" There was serum in the

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As one bom and bred among you, I shall ever esteem it as one

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performed during the last 7 years. In operating he prefers

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Her last period was in April ; in May she passed some blood

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Columbus to pass over the Atlantic Ocean — till then the "valley and

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may be repeated as often as required until the pulse,

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thirty-second week we must seek to save the child by Cesarean

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ing. After this he had gone into a basement passage-way, and

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was held in the City Hall, when the advisability of establish-

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-" from the nose. The child then wanted to go to sleep.

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tions of steam and lime-water rendered tlie operation

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the mere action of thermonietrical and hygrometrical vicissitudes ; and advo-

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early adult life, especially in those who have lived intemperate or over-

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In Fig. 1 the surface view is given; in Fig. 2 the optical section

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prior to the beginning of the decrease in the number of the red cor-

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It must be acknowledged that considerable practice is necessary for orthoscopy

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B. M. P. Right mentoposterior position of the fistns.

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tic limbs, and right facial paresis appeared again. He became emotional, slow

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matory conditions. It should not be used if the heart is weak or if

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to reach the ovaries after opening the vagina, but had to increase the danger by

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Tlie next case was one referred to Dr. and myself, where a

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During paroxysmal convulsive attacks the eyes deviate towards the

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culture without liquefying the gelatine. It dies in ten minutes

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the evening was but 100.5°. The tenderness on pres-

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hemorrhage after much difficulty was arrested and the mesentery

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on differences in the results obtained after animal inoculation, and as

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the condition of the milk during the menstrual period, it is evident that

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4.K., ii, 1077 ; 1105.— Fayrer(J.) Remarks on a so-called

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not to make the solution sufficiently strong to cause an

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