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goes on I almost doubt whether I shall be able to finish this
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tubercular joint disease by exposing it to sunlight and air.
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nor as it streams from the edges of the insulating plat-
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with its capability of giving rise to the production of poison-
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monary haemorrhage. " The inhaled blood is simply dead
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has a very poorly formed ossific nucleus in its right half com-
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ability of both nerve and muscle and increases the flow of blood and
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Carbondale, B.A., 1985. Medical education, Southern
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posure. The skin can be fortified against the results of
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that the coincidence not being proved to be uniform, they do not
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tinct improvement upon anything of the kind hitherto published.
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Assistant Secretaries : Dr. William B. Atkinson, Dr. R. J. Dunglison, Dr.
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Let’s look at the argument for capitation. In many ways, there is an appeal for such a system. One may argue that
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spiration. But, if the bodily temperature rise to 102^ or 104% the Iom
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Veratrine is equally efficacious, though its physio-
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approx. 50,000. Fully staffed 275-bed hospital. Excel-
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drainage of the peritoneal cavity, as we have seen, has
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Dosage and Administration: Experimental dosage reported in treatment of
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tended with the aropsical effusion. Urine high colored and loaded with biliary matters and
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To provide for these adjustments I have removed the 4
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which, first started in New York, has become a recognized
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and should be adjusted to the amboceptor before the actual experi-
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he obtained, declares that he has broken from its use and that he will
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place without injury to the internal table of the skull.
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tus, the gravity of the general condition, the rapid evolution, and by
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The above extracts give some idea of the opinions of the
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a few which were admitted in extremis by the resident clerk, and never seen by
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to adopt any other if somebody would propose a better. He
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found that Pii precedes the rise of intra-auricular pressure only 0.013
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when driving in cold weather. Made in po'ished copper, con-
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first appeared, yet we know they prevailed at an early period in Arabia
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Integumental - Sweating and urticaria were reported significantly more fre-
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pathological changes characteristic of each of these stages, and of their bear-
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was formerly mistaken for chronic interstitial nephritis. The albuminuria of
in three different asylums, were treated so successfully,
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information on other aspects of the disease, but not a page, or
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he developed, without obvious cause, pleurisy on the

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